So just who are we that you're entrusting your fun, safety, and hard earned dollars with?

As many have called us, the Mike and Mike show!

In the early 1970's, already an accomplished sport fisherman, Mike Sr. earned extra income every summer by pursuing his passion for fishing.  Being a high school teacher, Mike Sr. and co-worker Doug Brown took advantage of their summer vacations by running Dory's out of Newport for commercial caught salmon. Mike Jr. was never far behind, and always wanted to spend time out on the ocean with dad.  Yearning to troll farther to sea, Mike Sr. purchased the 42 foot salmon trawler, Bonnie Jean, and began working the Oregon Coast in search of the best catch of salmon.  With Mike Jr. aboard, the Jespersen family spent a number of summers on the Pacific, in good seas, and downright scary ones. As the commercial line-caught salmon market crashed, the Bonnie Jean was sold with deep regret, but many fond memories.

While Mike Sr. continued to teach, he also started his own fishing guide business, Wilderness Drifters. Spring and Fall King Salmon fishing, and Steelhead fishing during the Winter. Sturgeon fishing the mouth of the Columbia in the spring.  Of course Mike Jr. was always in tow. For several summers, it was guided 3 and 4 day trips down the Rogue and Deschutes rivers, finding the best spots for clients to fly fish, or camp, or watch the stars at night.  But the Pacific still called.

As fortune would have it, good friend Doug Brown had decided he needed to be on the water full time.  After selling his salmon trawler, Doug purchased a crab boat, and worked hard at that during the winter.  During the summer, he ran fishing charters aboard his boat, The Westward. With a little prodding from Doug, Mike Sr. took his exam and recieved his Masters Captains License.  Soon enough he was running other owners charter boats out of Garibaldi during the summer months, with Mike Jr. as the deckhand.  Mike and Mike took both salmon and bottom fishing charters day in and day out, but truth be told, they both love the Silvery Swimmers best. Working under the tutelage of a demanding father, Mike Jr. learned the ins and outs of the charter boat fleet. At the age of 19, Mike Jr. recieved his Masters Captains License, and at the time, was the youngest licensed skipper on the West Coast. Mike and Mike continued to work together, running charters each summer until Jr. graduated from college, and decided living in Hawaii was necessary. 

Just before graduation from college in 1992, knowing that he would soon be living in Hawai'i, Mike certified in SCUBA.  After moving to the islands, Mike Jr. pursued this hobby with great fervor.  Almost exclusively shore diving, Mike Jr. spent hours upon hours under the water off the islands of Maui and Hawai'i.  When it was time to go, Mike Jr. made a break, and headed to Alaska to be a fishing guide, and charter captain there.

Working on the Cook Inlet, beach launching his boat from Deep Creek, Mike Jr.experienced what Alaska has to offer.  Inclement weather, beautiful views, and of course, some of the best fishing in the world. Noteworthy catches for his customers include a 340 lb. Halibut, a 54 lb. salt water King, and a 10 foot Salmon shark. With a helpful hand from Tim Erion, owner of Vader-Charters, Mike Jr. excelled.  Moving to fresh water on days too rough to fish the salt, daily limits of Coho on the then rarely fished Kasilof River were the norm. Here in Alaska, Mike Jr. was able to turn the tables, and be the guide for Mike Sr. for the first time. Mike Sr. was rewarded with a 120 lb. Halibut, and daily limits of coho. Limits of fish on every trip, and sent back home with boxes of vacuum packed fillets.

Returning to Oregon, Mike Jr. got a "real" job, but continued to fish, and dive.  Oversize sturgeon at Bonneville, up river brights on the Columbia, Fall Chinook on the Nestucca.  Mike Jr. also became enamored with underwater photography, and has strived to learn this difficult craft. Working with Underwater Works in Tigard, Mike Jr. also helps out with SCUBA classes as a Divemaster.

Mike Jr. currently works full time as a manufactures representative in the commercial mechanical market. He is also involved deeply with whitewater kayaking, and is a partner in

Mike Sr. is a retired biology teacher. In 2002 he was the Western Regional Judge for the AKC Master National Retriever Club.